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Construction icons by macrovector on Freepik 

Project Highlights

Sound Designer

Unity · JRPG

Recorded & edited voices with 3 teammates for 7 characters. Composed Battle Theme       music loop, as well as adapted custom AIVA creation for World Map Theme using Audacity & Ableton Live 11 Lite.

Art by Vivian The Cat
Battle Theme
World Map Theme

Designed 4 mini maps in RPG Maker MV and composed looping background music for each using BeepBox.

All visual assets from RPG Maker.

Alberta Game Jam 2023

Unreal Engine 5 · Diegetic Sound Designer

Construction Zone

See it on

Screenshot 2024-02-02 141157.png


Game Designer

Tabletop Simulator · Card Slammer

Recipient of the "Amazingly Fun To Play &

Immediately Want to Play Again" Award at the University of Alberta Game Awards. Combining Mexcian food inspiration with the pace of Dutch Blitz, players split into equal teams & race to build favor with Granny's spirit to unlock her secret recipe.

Screenshot 2024-02-02 142639.png

*File must be copied into "Tabletop Simulator/Saves" to be loaded in-game.

  Tabletop Simulator required to play.

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